Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps are the best economical and ecological solution.

Swimming pool heat pumpsare nowadays one of the most efficient ways to heat swimming pools. increase the water temperature of your pool and extend the swimming season.

Heat pumps have one of the best heat conversion coefficients possible by providing Piscinas Ferromar with the best options at the best price in order to offer you the best possible heat conversion coefficients. maximum savings y performance (CTX, Astral, Gre, Hayward...).

The swimming pool heat pumps are used to heat the water and to be able to extend the bathing season in summer or to use it also during the winter months.

How heat pumps work is based on the absorption of air and its transfer to water by means of the physical principles of the refrigerant gas. This gas, which remains in a closed circuit, does not evaporate, but changes state, from liquid to gaseous and vice versa, in a constant way through the action of evaporators, compressors, regulators and condensers that are part of the equipment.

To give us a more visual idea, we can say that the heat pumps for swimming pools use the same thermodynamic principle as the air conditioners or refrigerators we have at home. The liquid is transformed into gas when the pressure decreases and becomes liquid when the pressure increases.

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