Steel Pools

Steel Pools

The steel demountable pools are the most common because their installation is very simple since the steel wall of which they are made is easily assembled. As for the inner liner, the liners can vary in thickness and finish. The basic version is white, although it is possible to choose the outer steel wall in a variety of colors. Graphite, Wood, Stone and Rattan look.This decoration will give a personal touch to your pool, allowing its integration in the environment.

In Ferromar Swimming Pools you can choose from a wide range of models not only for its exterior aesthetics but also for the shape of the pool, square, figure eight, oval, rectangular or round.. In addition, you will have the possibility to select between numerous sizes and heights according to the available space of your garden, terrace ... with so many options you can choose the pool that best suits both your tastes and your needs.

In Ferromar Swimming Pools you can also find all the complements and/or accessories that a removable pool may need to facilitate the care and keep it always ready.

If you have doubts to choose the right pool for your garden, contact us and without obligation we will help you and give you all the information you need.

*Estimated delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks.

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