Pool Filtration

The filtration of water for swimming pools is a fundamental aspect to take into account so much if it is a question of an inground swimming pool as of removable swimming pools. A good filtration will help us to maintain not only the quality of the water but also to conserve in an optimal state the whole hydraulic circuit.

The method of filtration for swimming pools is obtained by means of a closed circuit through which the water passes through several components. The pump will be in charge of sucking the water from the pool through the skimmers or pump intakes and will make it pass, through the appropriate conduits, through a filter where it will be purified. These water filters for swimming pools trap and retain the particles of dirt that can have the water.

The particles of greater size will be retained in the previous filters, called prefilters, that have the skimmers and pumps. This filtering, it could be said, will clean the water of impurities and residues that we do not see with the naked eye. When the water is already filtered, the pump the pump returns it to the pool through some impulsion nozzles, thus concluding the cycle.

The pool filters is, therefore, one of the most important components of the process since its efficiency will depend on an optimal filtration. There are different types of filters for this process.

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