Find the perfect pool cleaner

The robotic pool cleaners have revolutionized the way to clean our private or public pool, thanks to technological advances and ergonomic design of these devices we can optimize the cleaning of our pool at a lower cost and reducing cleaning time, in Piscinas Ferromar we have a wide selection of pool cleaners and we are official distributors of the leading manufacturers Typhoon, Dolphin, Astralpool, Hayward …

The automatic pool cleaners are capable of cleaning your pool in different cleaning cycles that can be programmed, and some of them include algorithms that allow intelligent navigation on the surface to be cleaned, some robots also allow us to control them remotely either with a remote control or with applications through our mobile device.

There are many options to choose from among the different manufacturers depending on the tasks we want our pool cleaner to perform, and above all the features that each of the different models and manufacturers offer.

Find the pool cleaner your pool requires by selecting the size of your pool, the type of cleaning you need and the type of filter:

Pool Size
Filter Type
Find the perfect pool cleaner

Electric Cleaners from 499,00€

Demountable Pools

Demountable Pools from 32,00€

Demountable Pools

If you want a safe and economical alternative to traditional pools our recommendation are the removable pools, we can find different types and formats of removable pools, there are round, oval and rectangular, and can be made of wood, steel (of different formats or finishes), inflatable, plastic and steel inground pools.

The main advantage of the removable pools is that we can enjoy the whole bathing season in our garden, in Piscinas Ferromar we can advise you which is the most suitable removable pool for you and which is the necessary equipment for the optimal functioning of your pool.

We work with the main brands of removable pools such as GRE, Bestway or Kokido, also in the purchase of your pool you can optionally hire the installation Visit our catalog and find yours!

Demountable Pools

Salt Chlorinators

Using a salt chlorinator in our pool gives us a clearer and healthier water because its operation disinfects the water by salt electrolysis. In Piscinas Ferromar we are official distributors of the main manufacturers of salt chlorinators: CTX, Astralpool, Hayward…

The use of a salt chlorinator allows us to avoid the use of chemical products that can be harmful and make the maintenance of our pool more efficient, since the saline water has the property of being a natural antiseptic avoiding the proliferation of algae and bacteria, also avoids irritation to the skin and eyes of the swimmers.

Salt chlorinators are healthy, safe, environmentally friendly and effective in water treatment, discover our wide range of salt chlorinators in our treatment section.

Salt Chlorinators
Salt Chlorinators for Swimming Pools

Salt Chlorinators from 189,95€