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RC 4360, a pool cleaner, is designed to clean both the bottom and pool walls.

It offers a variety of 6 cleaning cycles, including 3 special programs to thoroughly clean the pool bottom.

These programs are especially useful when the pool is very dirty, since they provide intensive cleaning to ensure that the background is impeccable.

zodiac rc 4360 h2>

concentrated technology h3>

for what type of pool?
Zodiac RC 4360 Pool fee
for buried and out of floor (high) with rigid walls type of pools td> All kinds of pools Shape of the pool All funds and coatings* background and coating td> for pools up to 10 x 5 m pool size background cleaning, walls and water line type of cleanliness

*with optional brushes for polyester pools and slippery surfaces

great capacity aspiration h2>

With an extra -wide aspiration mouth and a 3.7 -liter filter of large capacity, RC 4360 has an impressive aspiration capacity. You can collect and retain a wide variety of waste, which provides maximum comfort for the user by ensuring that different types of waste can be effectively cleaned without emptying the filter frequently.

superior access by clicking a button h2>

The filter housing handle rises easily simply by pressing the Push'n'go ™ button. This feature makes the extraction and cleaning of the filter fast and simple, providing a convenient experience for the user.

For optimal bottom cleaning, walls and water line

For optimal bottom cleaning, walls and water line h3>

Cleaning coverage of 22 cm

Cleaning coverage of 22 cm h3>

Superior access filter


Technical characteristics Zodiac RC 4360 h2>
number of engines 2 number of cycles 1 Fund Solo Cycle
1 Fund/Walls Cycle/Water Line
cable length/manger length 15 m cleaner dimensions (lx an x ​​al) 41 x 42 x 28 cm cleansing weight 9 kg filter surface/filter level 850 cm²
transmission gears Cleaning coverage 22 cm security Beach system, automatic stop outside water, electronic protection of the engines.
Zodiac Rc 4360
Zodiac Rc 4360

accessories included h2>


Add efficiency to the process of transporting and storage of the foil.

 control unit

Control unit h3>


Superior access filter h3>

100 microns filter and large capacity of 3.7 liters

optional accessories h2>

Filter very fine waste, fine waste filter, thick waste filter,
Polyester pools kit (2 brushes),
Slippage kit (2 brushes),

How the electric cleaners transform the cleaning of their pool with their own artificial intelligence and autonomy?

Electric cleaning robots clean their pool autonomously, without depending on the filtration equipment, collecting dirt in their own filter. Equipped with real artificial intelligence, they have the ability to reach all corners of the pool area, ascend walls and clean the water line.

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