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The Astralpool AquaForte heat pump is a 100% full inverter pool heating device equipped with the latest technology and a modern and sophisticated design. It includes a Mitsubishi compressor and a WiFi module and is suitable for both heating and cooling pool water.



Astralpool AquaForte Full Inverter Heat Pump Installation Manual

Astralpool AquaForte Full Inverter Heat Pump Technical Sheet

Installation Service Documentation

We recommend that the user who contracts the installation service read the service contracting conditions and download and fill in the attached Check List document and send it to

Installation Service Conditions

Check List Salt Chlorinator Installation Service

The main features and advantages of the new Aquaforte Full Inverter heat pumps by Astralpool are:

  • They are 100% Full Inverter air conditioning devices.
  • ABS casing.
  • Mitsubishi compressor.
  • Remote WiFi control of the pump through a Smart Life App.
  • Excellent energy efficiency with a COP of 14.5.
  • Frost protection.
  • Valid for both heating and cooling of the pool.
  • Fast water heating.
  • Automatically adjusts the required power to maintain a constant water temperature. Does not waste energy.
  • Low noise level.
  • Digital display.
  • R32 refrigerant.
  • Working range: from -10°.
  • Available in 6 models ranging from 5.5 to 18 kW.
  • Three operating modes: Boost, Smart, Silence.
  • 5-year warranty on compressor and heat exchanger.
Fast heating

Fast heat-up

constant water temperature

Constant water temperature

Low noise level

Low noise level

Wi-Fi control

Wi-Fi control

R32 refrigerant

R32 refrigerant

High energy efficiency

High energy efficiency

AquaForte Full Inverter heat pump 5,5 kW SC980 5,5 kW 0,10~1,31 5,95
AquaForte Full Inverter heat pump 7,2 kW SC981 7,2 kW 0,10~1,61 7,32
AquaForte Full Inverter heat pump 9,5 kW SC982 9,5 kW 0,12~1,75 7,95
AquaForte Full Inverter heat pump 11,5 kW SC983 11,5 kW 0,19~2,3 10,5
AquaForte Full Inverter heat pump 15,3 kW SC984 15.3 kW 0,24~3,2 14,5
AquaForte Full Inverter heat pump 18 kW SC985 18 kW 0,30~3,9 17,7

Warranty information

3 years from the manufacturer according to Royal Decree Law 7/2021 of April 27.


Piscinas Ferromar recommends a previous thermal study to determine the equipment and power that best suits your pool and needs, taking into account the location, use of the pool, desired temperature, etc... To do so, please contact us at and we will send you the most suitable solution. If you choose to purchase the heat pump without a previous thermal study, Piscinas Ferromar is not responsible for its performance to suit the specific needs of the customer and the installation. Important: heat pumps require outdoor installation and must be installed and commissioned by a professional.



Heat Pump Installation Service

Piscinas Ferromar as an ePartner of Zodiac offers you the possibility to contract the installation service for your Heat Pump at the time of purchase.

This service is only available in the Community of Madrid, Province of Alicante and Catalonia (except Lleida).

To be able to contract your installation you must meet the following minimum conditions:

Heat pump located at ground level on outdoor screed.

Minimum distances:

  • 50 cm from the rear and sides.
  • No obstacle at the front (minimum distance 4 meters).
  • Maximum distances:

    • Maximum horizontal distance of 5 meters
    • Maximum vertical distance of 2 meters upwards from the filtration pump.

    Filtration pump with a minimum power of ¾ HP or with the minimum water flow required.

    (refer to manual according to the recommended water flow).

    The equipment to be installed must be of Astralpool, Zodiac or CTX brands.

    We recommend that the user who contracts the installation service read the service contracting conditions and download and fill in the attached document of Check List and send it to

    For more information, consult the installation service conditions

Installation ServiceHeat pump

Comparison of Aquaforte Full Inverter Heat Pumps

MODEL:  SC980 5,5kW SC981 7,2kW SC982 9,5kW SC983 11,5kW SC984 15,3kW SC985 18kW
Heating No. 1: Ambient 26 ºC, Input/Output: 26/28 ºC, Humidity 80 %.
Heating capacity (kW) 1.50~5.50 1.50~7.20 1.80~9.5 2.80~11.5 3.50~15.3 4.35~18.0
Input power (kW) 0.104~0.90 0.106~1.12 0.124~1.46 0.193~1.79 0.243~2.41 0.306~2.83
COP 14.42~6.11 14.15~6.43 14.52~6.51 14.51~6.42 14.40~6.35 14.22~6.36
Heating No. 2: Ambient 15 ºC, Input/Output: 26/28 ºC, Humidity 70%.
Heating capacity (kW)  1.1~3.9 1.30~5.40 1.50~7.9 2.21~8.23 2.95~11.15 3.42~13.33
Input power (kW) 0.138~0.75 0.168~1.102 0.194~1.491 0.283~1.614 0.386~2.226 0.453~2.693
COP  7.97~5.20 7.74~4.9 7.73~5.3 7.81~5.10 7.64~5.01 7.55~4.95
General information
Recommended pool size (m3)  10~25 15~30 20~40 25~50 35~65 40~75
Maximum input power (kW)  1.31 1.61 1.75 2.3 3.2 3.9
Maximum current (A)  5.95 7.32 7.95 10.5 14.5 17.7
WiFi control  Optional
Controller  LED
Power supply  220V~240V/1ph/50Hz
Water temp. in heating mode (ºC  15~40
Water temp. cooling mode (ºC)  8~28
Ambient working temperature (ºC)  -10~43
Refrigerant R32
Compressor type Rotary
Compressor brand Mitsubish
Gas control EEV
4-way valve Yes
Number of fans 1
Heat exchanger Titanium in PVC
Water pipe connection (mm) 50
Housing material ABS housing
Noise level at 1m dB (A)  37~47 38~48 39~49 41~51 42~52 43~53
Noise level at 10m dB (A)  17~27 18~28 19~29 21~31 22~32 23~33
Water flow rate (m³/h) 2.2~3.2 3.1~4.2 3.5~5.5 4.1~6.2 5~7.2 6~8.2
Pressure drop (kPa) 9 16 26 28 30 31
High pressure protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Net weight (kg) 33 36 39 49 52 62
Dimensions (mm) 896*353*644 980*353*660
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