Zodiac Alpha OA 6600 IQ Pool Cleaner

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This Zodiac ALPHA OA 6600 iQ™ robot pool cleaner combines the best advances in intelligent programming with the best pool cleaning performance possible thanks to its dual level filtration and innovative Zodiac technology.

With a 3-year warranty*.

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New Alpha iQ™ range combines intelligence and maximum performance.

Thanks to its Sensor Nav System™ technology, Alpha iQ™ identifies the characteristics of each pool for customized cleaning. The extremely powerful and long-lasting patented cyclonic suction efficiency allows for optimal collection of all types of debris. In addition, its patented Lift System and intuitive control via the iAquaLink™ app make it easy to use every day.

For what type of pool?

Zodiac Alpha OA 6600 IQ Pool Cleaner
For in-ground and above-ground pools with rigid walls. Type of pools
All types of pools Pool shape
All bottoms and liners Bottom and liner
For pools up to 15 x 7 M Pool size
Cleaning of bottom, walls and waterline Type of cleaning

Patented cyclonic suction

The Zodiac ALPHA OA 6600 iQ™ pool cleaner has a cyclonic suction system that provides powerful and long-lasting suction and double-level filtration so that no debris, even the finest, escapes.

iAquaLink® App

Through the iAquaLink® app, you can start and monitor cleaning cycles and select the liftsystem function. And thanks to its automatic updates, you will always be in control of the robot.

Cyclonic Vacuum

Zodiac Lift System

The patented Zodiac Lift System allows the robot to be lighter when coming out of the water. It starts the robot's motor and raises the wall and stays at the waterline and when holding the handle it releases the water for easy removal.

Lift System
 Sensor Nav System™

Sensor Nav System™

The robot features the Sensor Nav System™ for intelligent pool navigation that will optimize time spent and provide the best performance and cleanliness.

pressure sensor

Pressure Sensor

Thanks to the Alpha OA 6600 iQ's pressure sensor improves the management of wall rise and water line cleaning.

Transparent Cover and Backlit Filter

Convenient access to the filter at the top, as well as its transparent lid, make it extremely easy to use. The transparent cover of the Alpha OA 6600 iQ allows us to visualize the filter and observe the amount of dirt that accumulates in the process of cleaning our pool.

Transparent Cover

Anti-tangle Swivel

Forget about tangles in the cable of your robot, thanks to the swivel, which provides greater freedom of movement.

Anti-tangle Swivel

Features of the Zodiac ALPHA OA 6600 OA iQ™ cleaner

  • It has a management sensor that allows it to climb the pool walls and clean the water line more efficiently.
  • With the iAquaLink® app you can start and track cleaning cycles.
  • Lift System for easy removal of the robot from the pool.
  • Filtration in two levels (150μ/60μ) but with the possibility of using the larger filter independently.
  • A pilot light will warn you that the filter of the cleaner is full.
  • Suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools with rigid walls, of any shape and liner.
  • Cleaning of bottom, walls and water line.
  • Ideal for pools up to 15 meters.
Double filtration power

Double filtration level

Accessories Included with the ALPHA OA 6600iQ

Full filter warning

Filter Full Indicator

The indicator light indicates when the robot's filter should be emptied.


Transport Trolley

indispensable for the storage and protection of the robot

Control Unit

Control Unit

Allows to switch on/off and select cleaning cycles, programs and Liftystem.

Double Level Filtration

Double Level Filtration

Fine filter of 150 μ and ultrafine filtration of 60 μ

Warranty Information

3 years manufacturer's warranty according to Royal Decree Law 7/2021, April 27th. See conditions in the Warranty Document.

*The correct operation of the equipment can not be guaranteed both in the bottom and in the rise of walls as long as the pH level is not correct, contains slime or algae or filters are clogged by excess dust, and has not been previously made a total cleaning of the vessel, in addition to any pool with irregular surfaces on the walls as nerves, including steps of the pool.

Zodiac Alpha Range Comparison

  Zodiac Alpha RA 6300 iQ Pool Cleaner Zodiac Alpha RA 6500 iQ Pool Cleaner
  Alpha OA 6400 iQ Alpha OA 6600 iQ
 Code WR000516 WR000511
Coating and background All backgrounds and coatings All backdrops and liners
Pool Shape All types of pools, For in-ground and above-ground pools with rigid walls. All types of pools, For in-ground and above-ground (above ground) pools with rigid walls
Pool dimensions 12 x 6 m 15 x 7 m
Cable length 18 m + Swivel 21 m + Swivel
Traction System 4 WD 4 WD
Pool Cleaning Zones Bottom, walls and water line Bottom, walls and water line
Number of motors 3 3
Filtration Level 100µ Dual filtration 60 /150µ
Filter Full Indicator Yes Yes
Pressure Sensor Yes Yes
Transparent Cover Yes Yes
Backlit filter Yes Yes
Filter Type Rigid filter with access from above Rigid filter with access from above
Filtration Capacity 5 Liters 5 Liters
Swivel Anti-tangle Yes Yes
iAqualink AppTM Yes
( Start-up, monitoring of cleaning cycles, and lifsystem function)
( Start-up, monitoring of cleaning cycles, and liftsystem function )
Cleaning Coverage 24.5 cm 24,5 cm
Cleaning Cycles Quick: Quick cleaning (bottom only) 1,5hours
Smart: Intelligent Pool Adjustment: Bottom, Walls and Waterline 2,5hours
Quick: Quick cleaning (bottom only) 1,5hours
Smart: Intelligent pool setting: Bottom, Walls and Waterline 2.5 hours
LiftSystem Yes Yes
Transport Trolley Yes Yes
Security Beach system, automatic out-of-water shutdown, electronic engine protection Beach system, automatic out-of-water shutdown, electronic motor protection
Warranty 3 years 3 years* 3 years
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