Salt Chlorinator Astralpool Advance + pH Pump

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Astralpool Advance + Bomba de pH
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The new Astralpool Advance Salt Chlorinator is easy to use and install in almost any installation, it automatically disinfects pools up to 180 m3, + Peristaltic pH dosing pump at a low cost.

The Advance is available in 5 different models adapting to the needs of your pool.

The Astralpool Advance Chlorinator has 3 years warranty.

Range Comparison Manuals


Astralpool Advance Manual

E-Pro CTX Peristaltic pH Pump Installation Manual

E Series pH Peristaltic Pump Brochure

Service and Installation Documentation

We recommend that the user who contracts the installation service read the service contracting conditions and download and fill out the attached Check List document and send it to

Installation Service Conditions

Check List Salt Chlorinator Installation Service


Features of the salt chlorinator Advance of Astralpool with 3 years of Warranty

Thanks to its compact design the Advance salt chlorinator can be installed in almost any type of installation, even in the most humid places thanks to its IP45 waterproof case. In addition, the gas detector provides greater safety and facilitates its use since it stops the chlorination in case of lack of flow and the chlorinator warns if the salt level is low by means of an alarm.


  • Very compact power supply ( 25x20x14 cm ), capable of chlorinating pools of up to 180m3 thanks to its productions from 7 to 40 g/h.
  • U-shaped cell with electrodes of Tech grade: from 8000 to 10,000 hours
  • Contact for pool cover to reduce chlorination when cover is closed ( 10% )
  • Gas sensor in the cell to detect no-flow situations
  • Simple user interface with button and LED for chlorine production and a "salt" LED
  • 3-year extended warranty

About the pH Pump

Its features make it the most competitive peristattic dosing pump on the market, including digital display, priming button and pH probe.

  • Power supply 90÷265 Vac
  • 4-digit 7-segment display
  • Bnc connector for pH electrode
  • 3-position switch: ON, ON, Stand by
  • Flow rate 1,5 L/h at 1,5 bar
  • Measuring range pH: 6÷8 pH (sensitivity: 0.1 pH)
  • ON-OFF dosing method (adjustable set point)
  • Calibration method pH 1 point
Peristaltic pump
Salt Chlorinator Astralpool Advance

Salt Chlorinator Astralpool Advance and Celula

Salt Electrolysis Installation

Salt electrolysis installation

Astralpool Advance Salt Chlorinator Dimensions

Astralpool E-Next Salt Chlorinator and Cell Dimensions

Salt Chlorinator Installation Services

Piscinas Ferromar as an ePartner of Zodiac offers you the possibility of hiring the installation service for your Salt Chlorinator at the time of purchase.

This service is only available in the Community of Madrid, Province of Alicante and Catalonia (except Lleida).

To be able to contract your installation you must meet the following minimum conditions:

  • The production cell of the equipment must be installed on rigid pipe in its two standardized measures of 50mm and 63mm. It cannot be installed on flexible pipes. Minimum distance of 25 cm free pipe for cell installation.
  • The electronic control box must be installed on the inside the technical room of the sewage treatment plant, protecting it from possible humidity and corrosive emanations due to the storage of chemical products inside the plant.
  • The customer must have pool salt available to dissolve in the pool in proportion to 5 Kg per m3
  • Filtration pump with a minimum power of 1⁄2 HP or with the minimum required water flow rate (consult manual according to model).

The equipment to be installed must be of Astralpool, Zodiac or CTX brands.

We recommend that the user who contracts the installation service read the service contracting conditions and download and fill in the attached document of Check List and send it to

For more information, consult the installation service conditions

Salt Chlorinator Installation Service

Comparison of Astralpool Advance Chlorinators Range

*Scroll horizontally to view the complete table.

  Astralpool Advance 7 Salt Chlorinator Salt Chlorinator Astralpool Advance 12 Salt Chlorinator Astralpool Advance 21 Salt Chlorinator Astralpool Advance 30 Salt Chlorinator Astralpool Advance 40
  Advance 7 Advance 12 Advance 21 Advance 30 Advance 40
Reference 74539 74540 74541 74542 74543
Maximum Chlorine Production 7 g/h 12 g/h 21 g/h 30 g/h 40 g/h
Number of Plates 3 5 7 11 13
Volume of water 30 m³ 50 m³ 90 m³ 140 m³ 180 m³
Cell life span
(under optimal conditions)
Tech grade: 8000 to 10,000 hours
Electrical voltage 230 V / 50 / 60 Hz
Fuse 2 A
Amperage 0,2 A 0,4 A 0,4 A 0,8 A 0,9 A
Salinity 4-6 g/L (min./max. = 4-10 g/L)
Water Temperature Max. 40 ºC
Polarity inversion Yes (2-3h)
Production Control 0 / 50 / 75 / 100%
Flow detection (gas) Yes
Cover Production Control Yes (Decrease of production to 10%)
Salt Level Alarm Yes
Pipe connection PVC adhesive Ø 63 mm
Maximum authorized pressure in the cell 2,75 bar (KPa)
Protection index IP45

Warranty information

* 3 years from the manufacturer according to Royal Decree-law 7/2021, April 27th, except for cell glass and ph probe, according to their conditions.

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