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Eco Elyo Full Inverter by AstralPool is the heat pump for high-performance pools with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for optimal management, as you can control all the parameters remotely and 24 hours a day.

Heat pump equipped with Full Inverter technology.



AstralPool Eco Elyo Heat Pump Catalogue

Installation Service Documentation

We recommend that the user contracting the installation service read the service contracting conditions and download and fill in the attached Check List document and send it to info@piscinasferromar.com.

Installation Service Conditions

Check List Heat Pump Installation Service

Eco Elyo AstralPool Pool Heat Pump

The ECO ELYO heat pumps stand out for their simplicity, efficiency and high performance. These units are designed to provide effective heating with a user-friendly approach. Their energy efficiency and ability to deliver optimal performance make them an outstanding choice for those looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly heating solution.

With advanced technology, ECO ELYO heat pumps offer an effective and sustainable way to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home.

Eco Elyo's Full Inverter technology automatically adjusts the speed of its compressor and fan according to heating requirements, thus achieving a significant reduction in energy consumption and ensuring quieter operation.

The Full Inverter Technology technology provides three modes of operation:

"Boost" mode:

Provides a rapid temperature rise, being ideal especially at the beginning of the season.

"Smart" mode:

This smart mode allows automatic adjustment based on temperature, efficiently adapting to changing conditions.

"Ecosilence" mode:

Reduces heat pump power, thus optimizing energy savings and ensuring quieter operation.

Extends the swimming season for both small and large pools.

The Eco Elyo heat pump operates efficiently at a temperature as low as -5°C, corresponding to the outside air temperature, which contributes to significantly extending the swimming season. This low temperature operating capability not only allows you to enjoy your pool during the warmer months, but also in spring and autumn.

Additionally, with its 5 power levels, AstralPool's Eco Elyo offers exceptional versatility by heating both small and large pools quickly and efficiently. This ensures precise control of the water temperature, allowing users to enjoy their pool in optimal conditions at any time of the year.

AstralPool Eco Elyo Heat Pump

Integrated connectivity, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Integrated connectivity

Fluid Pool

The Eco Elyo heat pump has integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity in all its models for optimal management.

The Fluidra Pool app enables remote control of all parameters 24 hours a day, providing maximum peace of mind.

Now, users can monitor and adjust their equipment settings conveniently and efficiently, as users can monitor and adjust from anywhere via their mobile devices.

Eco Elyo Heat Pump Features

Full Inverter

Full inverter
Optimizes heat pump performance by dynamically adjusting its operation according to changing conditions.

Low temperature

Temperature icon
Operates at -5°C, outside air temperature, to extend the bathing season.

Integrated connectivity

App control
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to manage your pump optimally from any device.

Heat Pump Installation Service

Piscinas Ferromar as an ePartner of Astralpool offers you the possibility of hiring the installation service for your heat pump at the time of purchase.

This service is only available in the Community of Madrid, Province of Alicante and Catalonia (except Lleida).

In order to be able to contract your installation, the following minimum conditions must be met:

Heat pump located at ground level on outdoor screed.

Minimum distances:

  • 50 cm from the rear and sides.
  • No obstacle at the front (minimum distance 4 meters).
  • Maximum distances:

    • Maximum horizontal distance of 5 meters
    • Maximum vertical distance of 2 meters upwards from the filtration pump.

    Filtration pump with a minimum power of ¾ HP or with the minimum water flow required.

    (refer to manual according to the recommended water flow).

    The equipment to be installed must be of Astralpool, Zodiac or CTX brands.

    We recommend that the user contracting the installation service read the service contracting conditions and download and fill in the attached document of Check List and send it to info@piscinasferromar.com

    For more information, consult the installation service conditions

Heat pump installation service

*Scroll horizontally to view the complete table.

Standard EN 17645 A A A A A
EN 17645 SCOP 7,5 8 9,6 7,7 8,5
PERFORMANCE: Air 26°c / Water 26°c / Humidity at 80%.
Max-min return power (kW) 7 - 2 9,5 - 2,3 13 - 2,4 15 - 2,5 20 - 2,8
Max-min power consumption (kW) 1,1 - 0,15 1,4 - 0,2 2 - 0,1 2,5 - 0,15 3,3 - 0,2
COP (Coefficient of Performance) 6,5 - 13,4 6,7 - 13,5 6,5 - 16,4 6 - 16,3 6,2 - 16,5
PERFORMANCE: Air 15°c / Water 26°c / Humidity 70 %.
Max-min return power (kW) 5,5 - 1,4 7 - 1,5 9 - 1,7 11 - 1,9 15 - 2,2
Max-min power consumption (kW) 1,1 - 0,2 1,3 - 0,2 1,9 - 0,2 2,3 - 0,25 3 - 0,3
COP (Coefficient of Performance) 5,2 - 6,4 5,3 - 6,6 4,8 - 7,8 4,8 - 7,7 5 - 7,3
Recommended water flow (m3/h) 3 4 5 6 7
Power supply 220-240 V / 1 / 50-60 Hz
Hydraulic connection PVC 1/2 union - Ø 50 à coller
Sound pressure at 10 m max-min (dB(A)) 28-16 33-20 36-24 39-26
Weight (kg) 38,5 41,5 46 52,5 66
Included accessories - Hibernation cover
- Condensate drain kit
- 2 x PVC 1/2 union Ø 50
- Antivibration feet X4 

Dimensions Eco Elyo Elyo AstralPool pool heat pump

eco Elyo heat pump dimensions

Useful information

What is the COP?

The COP (Coefficient of Performance) is the ratio between the heating capacity and the power consumed. For example, a COP of 5 indicates that the heat pump supplies 5 kW of heat to the pool while consuming only 1 kW of electrical energy. In other words, the higher the COP, the more efficient the heat pump will be in terms of utilizing the energy to heat the pool.

Classification, a new standard, Standard EN17645

Rating A

This standard promotes the sustainability of swimming pool equipment including heat pumps by establishing a performance rating from "A" to "F", according to a SCOP (seasonal coefficient of performance) calculation. This SCOP is calculated thanks to several COP measurements. The best rating, "A", is a SCOP ≥ 7.

Eco Elyo heat pump with "A" rating according to EN17645 standard.

Warranty information

3 years from the manufacturer according to Royal Decree Law 7/2021 of April 27.


Piscinas Ferromar recommends a previous thermal study to determine the equipment and power that best suits your pool and needs, taking into account the location, use of the pool, desired temperature, etc... To do so, please contact us at info@piscinasferromar.com and we will send you the most suitable solution. If you choose to purchase the heat pump without a previous thermal study, Piscinas Ferromar is not responsible for its performance to suit the specific needs of the customer and the installation. Important: heat pumps require outdoor installation and must be installed and commissioned by a professional.

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