Poolex Nano Action heat pump

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The Poolex Nano Action is specially designed for small pools. Its unique design and availability in various colors allow the Poolex Nano to blend in perfectly with any pool.
The performance of a Poolex at the best price. Designed as a premium heat pump, it inherits all the performance in an ultra compact size. Its weight allows it to be easily transported once the season is over.



User and Installation Manual Poolex Nano Action Heat Pump

Poolex Nano Action Heat Pump

With components worthy of a larger heat pump, the Poolex Nano achieves a COR similar to high-end heat pumps.

Simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet to heat the pool in a matter of hours.

Its unique design and availability in various colors allow the Poolex Nano to blend seamlessly into any pool.

The performance of a Poolex at the best price.

Poolex Nano Action Heat Pump


  • Compact dimensions.
  • Standard filtration nozzles.
  • Portable (15kg).
  • Economical and silent.
  • Electrical system with protection.
2-year warranty

2-year warranty

Ecological refrigerant R32

Ecological refrigerant R32

Toshiba compressor

Toshiba compressor

Quiet operation

Quiet operation


  • Installation and user manual in several languages.
  • PVC connectors Ø 32 - 38 mm.
  • 5 m electrical socket Differential protection of 10 mA.
Reinforced and printed packaging

Reinforced and printed embassy

Manual and Instructions in several languages

Manual and Instructions in Several Languages

PVC connectors 32-38 mm

PVC Connectors 32-38 mm

Electrical outlet with differential protection

Electrical Socket with Differential Protection


  • Heat pump: 2 year warranty
  • Compressor: 5 year warranty
  • Titanium spiral: 10-year warranty against corrosion
Poolex Ultracompact Heat Pump

Thanks to its ultra-compact design, Poolex Nano Action blends in perfectly

Poolex Heat Pump for all types of above-ground pools

Poolex Nano Action can be connected to all above ground pools and heat your pool.

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Model Nano Action 3 Nano Action 4 Nano Action 5
Pool volume (m3) From 10 to 21 From 15 to 28 From 20 to 35
Air 26°C
Water 26°C
Humidity 80%. 
Capacity (W) 3 010 4 200 5 010
Power consumption (W) 540 760 910
COR 5,61 5,50 5,50
Air 15°C
Water 26°C
Humidity 70%. 
Capacity (W) 2 210 3 100 4 030
Power consumption (W) 540 760 1000
COR 4,09 4,08 4,03
Power supply Mono 220-240V/50Hz
Heating temperature range 15°C / 40°C
Operating range 8°C / 43°C
Maximum power (W) 930 1 200 1 500
Flow rate (m3/h) 1,3 2 2,5
Refrigerant R32
Packaging dimensions (mm) 460 x 370 x 415
Dimensions (mm) 400 x 280 x 385
Net/gross weight (kg) 18 / 20 kg 24 / 28 kg 26 / 30 kg
Noise at 1 m (dB(A)) <53 <55 <56
Noise at 10 m (dB(A)) <32 <35 <36
Compressor type Rotary
Compressor brand Toshiba
Heat exchanger Twisted Tech© titanium
Function Heating
Loss on load (mCE) 0,8

* European standard in conditions Air 15°C, Water 26°C and Humidity 70%, certified by TÜV.

Warranty information

3 years from the manufacturer according to Royal Decree Law 7/2021, April 27th.


Piscinas Ferromar recommends a previous thermal study to determine the equipment and power that best suits your pool and needs, taking into account the location, use of the pool, desired temperature, etc... To do so, please contact us at info@piscinasferromar.com and we will send you the most suitable solution. If you choose to purchase the heat pump without a previous thermal study, Piscinas Ferromar is not responsible for its performance to suit the specific needs of the customer and the installation. Important: heat pumps require outdoor installation and must be installed and commissioned by a professional.

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