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New Zodiac foaling of battery without cables, CNX LI 52 IQ Freedom that will provide the best performance with total freedom.

Robot suitable for the cleaning of the background, walls and flotation line of its pool of up to 10 x 5 meters.

This smart pool robot also includes the long -term patented cyclonic aspiration that along with its propeller brushes and agile displacement will provide optimal and effective cleaning.

Polesless -free cleaners, how does it work?

The electricity of the wireless cleaner allows you to move while the water is aspiring to eliminate all the impurities and waste that dirty the pool. In addition, they are equipped with brushes that rotate and allow to clean the dirtiest areas of the walls.

With wheels and caterpillars, the folk without cable brushes the bottom of the pool and can easily move through any vertical surface. These devices work at low voltage, so they can be used daily with full security.

The device aspires water with impurities and waste is trapped in a filtration bag that can be reused after emptying.

for what type of pool?
 zodiac cnx li 52 iq div>
for buried and out of floor (high) with rigid walls type of pools td> All kinds of pools Shape of the pool All funds and coatings background and coating td> for pools up to 10 x 5 m pool size background cleaning, walls and water line type of cleanliness

Integrated smart sensors h3>

Discover the total cleaning coverage of the CNX LI 52 IQ Freedom thanks to its intelligent sensors, which will allow you to clean with absolute freedom to cover an area of ​​up to 10 x 5 of a private pool, and clean background, walls and line of flotation.


Lithium ion battery h3>

The high performance lithium battery guarantees a complete 2 -hour cycle offering great autonomy. Thank you, also, your two traction engines will obtain great robot performance.

load CNX LI 52 IQ ZODIAC Fast charging in 5 h

Load Station h3>

The ergonomic load station with WiFi connectivity allows the storage of the robot as well as a fast charge in just 5 hours. The CNX LI 52 IQ has an LED interface at its back that allows you to visualize at any time the battery status, select the cleaning modes and start the cleaning cycle.


Great capacity aspiration h3>

Zodiac's Freedom is a powerful and autonomous robot that allows a great suction capacity for all the pool dirt residues that thanks, on the one hand, at its filtration level and, on the other hand, to aspiration patented cyclonic that guarantees quality cleaning.


Brushes in helical form h3>

The cleanliness carried out by the cleans


Two water outlet modes h3>

Easy output of water and two modes, at the end of the cleaning cycle in the water line or at any time thanks to its universal hook.

technical characteristics Zodiac cnx li 52 iq h2>
> >
number of engines 3 43x40x30 cm packaging dimensions (l x an x ​​al) 56x56x38 cm 9.2 kg packed weight 15.5 kg cleaning cycles 1.5 h - only
2 h - background/wall/water line
filter surface 526 cm² suction width 230 mm maximum operating depth 4 m filter capacity 4 l filtration fine 100µ* cleaning coverage 23 cm traction system caterpillars transmission gears nominal robot voltage 25.4 Vdc load voltage 29.4 Vdc maximum charger power 58 W battery capacity 6.4 ah protection index - IPX5 Load Station
- IPX8 Robot
frequency bands 2,412GHz - 2,484GHz radiofrequency emission power 20.5 dBm Robot Nominal Power 130 W security Playa system, Automatic Stop out of water, Electronic Motor Protection

CNX LI 52 IQ h2>

 Robot's operation scheme

Mounting of the Cargo Station h2>

Mount the loading station before the first start -up of the CNX LI 52 IQ

  • Slide the top of the foot (marked in the image with blue circles) in the notch of the front of the cargo station (also marked with a blue circle (1)).
  • Completely assemble your foot under the station (the bottom of the foot (2) must fit).
  • Place the fastening for the hook on the side of the cargo station (to the right or to the left, depending on the desired location) (3)).
  • Unroll the cable to the back of the station or to the side, depending on the desired location (there is a support for the cable inside each foot).
  •  assembly of the cargo station div>
     placement loading station div>

    Station installation and robot load h2>

    The station should not be submerged in the water or in any other liquid. It should not be installed in an area prone to floods. Do not expose the load station to direct sunlight.

    Place the loading station: h3>
    • Near easily accessible outlet (rain protected or water splashing)
    • In the shadow. Do not expose the robot and the station to direct sunlight when the robot is loading.
    • More than 3.5 meters from the edge of the pool.

    Connect the load station h3>

    Place the robot at the loading station so that the back of this (side of the sliding control) enters into contact with the notches planned behind the station. When the robot is correctly positioned, a sound signal will sound and the pilot with the battery symbol will slowly blink (orange).


    • Load temperature: 5 ° C - 35 ° C.
    • Make sure the load plates of the cargo and robot station are clean and dry before loading it.
    • Do not touch the load plates located at the load station or on the robot as soon as they load it.

    When using the robot for the first time, charge it completely (between 3 and 4 hours): the pilot will light with a fixed (green) light. The load stops automatically when the robot is completely loaded. Therefore, it is not necessary to unplug the station or remove the robot.

    How does the interface work?

    From the interface located on the back of the device it is possible

    You can also access other functions and comments from the application, see "❸ Use of the IAqualink ™ application "

    When all lights are turned off, the robot is in rest mode. Slide control to the left or right to act. If this does not work, replace the robot at the cargo station (the robot goes on holding after 8 days of inactivity).

    Operating table of the div> interface

    Description of the operating pilots h2>

    Robot indicators CNX LI 52 IQ

    State Pilot of the Cargo Station h2>

    Under the cargo station, a light pilot indicates its status.

    Robot indicators CNX LI 52 IQ

    How to start a cleaning cycle h2>

    to start a cleaning cycle:

    • Wait until the robot is fully charged (the battery icon in green) to start a cycle.
    • Once loaded, know it from your station and take it to the pool.
    • Select the cleaning mode.
    • Start the cycle.
    • Implore the robot.

    cleaning mode selection:

    The cleaning mode defines the surface by cleaning, as well as the duration of cleaning.

    slide the control located on the back of the apparatus to the left:

    • Once to select the "Fund Solo" mode.
    • A second time to select the "background + walls + water line".

    The pilot corresponding to the selected mode turns on. There are other modes available through the application (water line mode, intelligent mode).

    start the CNX LI 52 IQ

    Information and recommendations for the use of CNX LI 52 IQ h2>
    • The CNX LI 52 IQ is a high -end cleaning that has been designed to adapt to all types of flat pools or with slopes. In those cases in which the filtration equipment of our pool does not provide the necessary power to operate a hydraulic fee, it will be necessary to use an electricity cleaner that can maintain our pool satisfactorily.
    • It must be taken into account, that it will be the most effective autonomous option for our pool, since it is an intelligent robot that will be able to depend on its characteristics above any other method of detecting what areas are to be cleaned and what is the best possible cycle to clean our pool.
    • Being the most reliable product for cleaning our pool also implies some care and maintenance of other products to extend its useful life and that its performance is extended over time. That is why we have to take into account the following points:
    • Outside the cleaning cycle, it is essential that the cleaner remain out of the water under covered to avoid the moisture factor and direct contact with pool chemicals.
    • It is convenient to clarify the pool robot with fresh water and clean its double -level filters after each cleaning cycle to release it from chemicals and possible obstructions. In this way, you can make your cleaning task to the maximum level on each occasion.
    • The exterior is the worst friend of pool cleans. It is important to keep in mind that it is a product with a high cost and therefore susceptible to being stolen. On the other hand, it is convenient that weather conditions such as humidity, wind and especially the sun do not come into contact with the robot to avoid damaging the housing and the rest of its components.
    • Despite the fact that a cleansing is designed to keep our pool clean, the disinfection of the pool will continue to be the most important and independently it will be mandatory to maintain the correct parameters of the water. The level of the chlorine and the pH level of the pool must always be at its correct level if we want to submerge the robot.


    3-year guarantee of the manufacturer according to Royal Decree-Law 7/2021, of April 27.

    *You cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the equipment both in the background and in the rise of walls as long as the pH level is not correct, it contains babilla or algae or the filters are Fulmatate due to excess dust, and no total cleaning of the glass has been previously performed, in addition to any pool with irregular surfaces on the walls as nerves, including pool steps.*

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