Dolphin SX 30 Cleaner

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With the Dolphin SX 30 pool cleaner you can experience superior pool cleaning, thanks to its ultra-light weight and fast water release the SX 30 is easy to handle and will allow you to clean the floor, walls and waterline of your pool in a 2 hour cleaning cycle.

The dual brushing action and PowerStream mobility system will ensure efficient coverage of the entire pool, and extra thorough cleaning on all surfaces leaving the entire facility spotless.

Dolphin Sx 30

Powerful Performance.

Total coverage of the floor, walls and waterline of the pool with the PowerSteamsystem, opt for a total cleaning and filtration of water in an optimal way thanks to its Active Brushingall this makes the SX 30 one of the best water purifiers on the market. Dolphin pool cleaners.

Everything is easy on the SX 30 cleaner.

The SX 30 robot is the easiest, most efficient solution for maintaining the bottom, walls and waterline of your pool at an affordable price, even getting it out of the pool is easy with the SX 30's easy to use, easy to clean, easy to clean and easy to maintain robot. quick water release.

Discover an Exceptional Experience

With the Dolphin SX 30 you can focus on enjoying your swim and forget about brushing the bottom, walls and waterline of your pool. The SX 30 robot will clean every nook and cranny of the pool of algae and debris leaving the water crystal clear and clean. Experience a superior cleaning with this robot.

The smartest and best-selling pool cleaner

2 Year Warranty.

360º view of the Dolphin SX 30 pool cleaner

Dolphin SX 30 pool cleaner

The Dolphin SX 30 ensures complete coverage of your pool cleaning.

CleverClean SystemTM

The SX 30 cleaner incorporates a software of advanced scanning scanning software, which together with the gyroscopic navigation ensures complete coverage of the pool, covering the floor, walls and waterline, and the software uses the most efficient route to complete the cleaning cycle.

The Dolphin SX 30 will automatically navigate around any obstacles it encounters and quickly return to its cleaning pattern.

Improved Traction and Mobility

The SX 30 adheres perfectly to any type of surface such as concrete, tile, polyester, and any other material thanks to its tracked traction.

In addition, the PowerStream improves the water flow that is propelled by the cleaner, which in the case of the waterline allows the sweeping to be lateral.

Interchangeable and Easy to Clean Filters

The filter basket Easy- Clean filter basket is very easy to clean, and also allows the filters to be interchanged in two options: Primavera or Ultrafine.

The top access filter facilitates the maintenance of the robot.

Dolphin Warranty

The reliability of the SX 30 is backed by the manufacturer. Maytronics a world leader in the manufacture of robotic pool cleaners.

Active Brushing

Active Cleaning

Effective scrubbing and cleaning, removes algae and bacteria

Easy-clean basket

Fine and ultrafine filters

Filters are interchangeable, removes dirt, debris and algae

Fast water release

Fast water release

Releases excess water to lighten its weight when you remove it from your pool

PowerStream system

PowerStream mobility system

Intelligent navigation along the bottom, walls and waterline

CleverClean scanning system

CleverCleanTM Scanning System

Maximum pool cleaning coverage

Bottom, walls and waterline

Bottom, Walls and Waterline

Covers all pool cleaning areas for complete pool coverage



Lightweight and easy to use

Quick and easy repair

Quick and easy repair

Quick solution, easy maintenance and very easy to repair.


Ergonomic design

The SX 30 is easy to lift and handle.

Bottom, walls and waterline

For pools up to 12m

Ideal pool length.

Cable length

18 m. of cable

Robot cable length

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

Super easy to use, plug and play.

Superior Filter Access

Superior Filter Access

Top access to the filter basket makes filter cleaning easy.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Save energy and money.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Any questions? contact us at

Dolphin SX 30 Specifications

Pool Length Ideal for pools up to 12 m (40 ft.) in length.
Cleaning Coverage Floors, Walls and Waterline
Brushing Brush + Active Brushing
Cleaning Cycle 2 hours
Filtration Interchangeable fine and ultrafine filters, remove dirt, debris and algae
Weight 7,5 Kg
Cable length 18 m
Negagecation and maneuverability PowerStream scanning system
Warranty 2 Years


Warranty Information

3 years manufacturer's warranty according to Royal Decree Law 7/2021, April 27th.

*The correct operation of the equipment can not be guaranteed both in the bottom and in the rise of walls as long as the pH level is not correct, contains slime or algae or filters are clogged by excess dust, and has not been previously made a total cleaning of the glass, in addition to any pool with irregular surfaces on the walls as nerves, including steps of the pool.

Video Presentation Dolphin SX Cleaners

Comparison of Dolphin SX Range

*Scroll horizontally to view full table

  Dolphin SX10 Cleaners Dolphin SX20 Cleaners Dolphin SX30 Cleaners Dolphin SX35 Cleaners Dolphin SX40i Cleaner
  SX10 SX20 SX30 SX35 SX40i
Ideal Pool Length 8 m 10 m 12 m 12 m 12 m
Cable length 12 m 15 m 18 m 18 m 18 m
Swivel No No No Yes Yes
Cycle Time 1.5 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 hours
Cleaning Coverage Floor and half cane Floor and Walls Floor, Walls and Float Line Floor, Walls & Waterline Floor, Walls & Float Line
Cleaning Options Standard Standard Standard Standard Floor only, floor and walls and walls only
Weekly programmer, Fast cycle selector, Time delay
Filtration 90 micron basket Basket with filter 90 microns Combined spring and ultra fine basket + 2 ultra fine baskets Combined basket spring and ultra fine + 2 ultra fine Multilayer filtration
Trolley No No No Yes Yes
MyDolphin AppTM Plus No No No No Yes, complete (WIFI & BL)
Warranty 3 years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
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