AstralPool Sena Pump

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Robust and sober design, new generation pre-filter cover nut easy to handle. Low noise level operation due to the rubber supports on which it rests.



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Code Liters/Hour Power Power
AstralPool Sena 1/3 HP 25461 7.000 l/h 0,23kw Single-phase
AstralPool Sena 1/2 CV 25462 7.800 l/h 0,41kw Single-phase
AstralPool Sena 3/4 hp 25463 10.400 l/h 0,56kw Single-phase
25464 Three-phase
AstralPool Sena 1 CV 25465 12.800 l/h 0,63kw Single-phase
25466 Three-phase
AstralPool Sena 1,25 CV 25467 14.000 l/h 0,82kw Single-phase
25468 Three-phase

AstralPool Sena Pump

New generation pump range.

With powers from 1/3 CV to 1,25 CV in single-phase motors and from 3/4 CV to 1,25 CV in three-phase motors.
GS marking.

Motor protection IP-55, insulation class F, AISI-316 in all parts in direct contact with water.
Connections to piping by means of a 50 mm. diameter glue sleeve.
Flow rates in l/h at 6 m.c.a. for 0.33 h.p., at 8 m.c.a. for 0.5 h.p. and at 10 m.c.a. for the rest of the range. 3,000 rpm. 7.000l/h

Warranty information

3 years from the manufacturer according to Real Decreto-ley 7/2021, of April 27th.

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