Liquid Anti-Limescale for Swimming Pools CTX-600

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Liquid limescale remover for the prevention of lime scale for in-ground pools.

4 containers of 5 liters.



Technical Data Sheet CTX-600 Anticalcáreo

Safety Data Sheet CTX-600 Anticalcareous

CTX Swimming Pools Maintenance Manual

Liquid antiscale for swimming pools CTX-600

Dispersant and inhibitor product, which eliminates and avoids incrustations. It also helps to prevent the obstruction of filters and the corrosion of the metallic parts of the recirculation and filtration system.

Advice for use:

  • In the first time, add 2.5 lts. of product per 100 m3 of water.
  • Later, add 0.5 lts. of product per 100 m3 of water once a week.
  • These doses are indicative and can be modified according to the hardness and salt content of the water.
  • Those pools that are not emptied during the winter period should be treated with an initial dose of product at the end of the bathing season.
  • Dilute the necessary amount of product in a container with water and spread it evenly over the entire surface of the pool, keeping the filtration equipment running.

Available in containers of:

  • Code 03229-4 - Pack 4 containers of 5 liters (20 liters in total, the liter costs 16,00 €).
  • Code 03229 - pack of 5 liters (the liter costs 17,80 €).
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