Zodiac RV 5300 Cleaner

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The Zodiac RV 5300 is a full power 4x4 pool cleaner for cleaning the bottom, walls and waterline of private pools up to 12 x 6 m (40 x 20 ft). Whether in-ground or above ground pools with rigid walls of any shape and material. Extreme power, super powerful and constant suction, high suction capacity.

What type of pool?

Zodiac RV 5300 pool cleaner
For inground and above ground pools with rigid walls. Type of pools
All types of pools Pool shape
All bottoms and liners Bottom and liner
For pools up to 12 x 6 M Pool size
Cleaning of bottom, walls and waterline Type of cleaning

Ultra powerful and constant suction

Patented by Zodiac, thanks to the Cyclonic Aspiration can keep particles and dirt in suspension using a high power vortex inside the filter, which helps to reduce the blocks inside the filter and maintain optimal cleaning performance.

Zodiac RV 5300 Cyclonic suction pool cleaner
Zodiac RV 5300 Cyclonic Suction Cleaner

All Terrain Robot 4x4

The 4-wheel drive of the RV 5300 robot helps it to perfectly grip the pool walls and adapt to any type of liner (gresite, liner, polyester hull, reinforced PVC, painted concrete, etc.) and move easily over obstacles.

High suction capacity

Its 5 liter filter (very high capacity) and extra wide suction inlet means it can suck up and retain all types of dirt, it also has a full filter indicator, and its rigid filter is accessed from the top of the robot.

Cleaners Zodiac RV 5300 Cyclonic Suction

Features of the Zodiac RV 5300 Cleaner

  • Number of motors: 3
  • Cable length: 18m
  • Cleaner size: 48 x 43x 27 cm
  • Filtering surface: 1180 cm2
  • Filtration level: 100µ
  • Filter capacity: 5 Liters
  • Cleaning coverage: 24.5 cm
  • Safety: beach system, out-of-water safety, electronic motor protection.

Included accessories

Filter Full Indicator

Filter Full Indicator

Indicates when the filter needs to be emptied.

Zodiac OV5200 Control Unit

Control Unit



High filtration capacity (100 microns) and easy to clean.

Transport Trolley

Transport Trolley

Warranty Information

3-year manufacturer's warranty according to Royal Decree Law 7/2021, April 27th.

*The correct operation of the equipment can not be guaranteed both in the bottom and in the rise of walls as long as the pH level is not correct, contains slime or algae or filters are clogged by excess dust, and has not been previously made a total cleaning of the glass, in addition to any pool with irregular surfaces on the walls as nerves, including steps of the pool.

Patented Cyclonic Vacuum Zodiac Cleaners

Comparison of the Zodiac OV range of cleaners

*Scroll horizontally to view complete table

  Cleaner Zodiac OV 3505 Cleaner Zodiac RV 5300 Cleaners Zodiac OV 5200 Cleaner Zodiac OV 5300 Cleaner Zodiac Rv 5480iQ Cleaner Zodiac OV 5480 iQ
  Zodiac OV 3505 Zodiac RV 5300 Zodiac OV 5200 Zodiac OV 5300 Zodiac RV 5480 iQ Zodiac OV 5480 iQ
Code WR000152 WR000161 WR000223 WR000162 WR000160 WR000264
Swimming Pools Measurement Up to 12 x 6m Up to 12 x 6m Up to 12 x 6m Up to 12 x 6m Up to 12 x 6m Up to 12 x 6m
Cleaning Area Background, Walls
and Waterline
Bottom, Walls
and Waterline
Bottom, Walls
and Waterline
Bottom, Walls
and Waterline
Bottom, Walls
and Waterline
Bottom, Walls
and Waterline
Cleaning Chilos 6 2 2 2 Multiple Cycles Multiple Cycles
Drive Wheels 2 4 4 4 4 4
Filter Full Indicator No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control Yes No No No Yes, via App Yes, via App
Transport Cart Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lift System No No No No Yes Yes
Cable length 18 m 18 m 18 m 18 m, with swivel 18 m, with swivel 18 m, with swivel
Warranty 3 years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
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