Photometer Lovibond MD 100, MD 110, MD 200

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Lovibond photometer for multi-parameter measurement of swimming pool water quality. Supplied ready for use with all reagents and accessories needed for testing.



Instruction Manual Photometer Lovibond MD 100, MD 110, MD 200

Lovibond Photometer MD 100, MD 110, MD 200

The photometer is a multiparameter measuring instrument for quick and easy analysis of swimming pool water quality. The reagent tablets are used for the analysis of the six parameters.

  • Compact dimensions and ergonomic design for mobile applications
  • Large, easy-to-read display

Features Lovibond MD 100/ MD 110 / MD 200 photometer

  • Watertight design
    Thanks to IP 68, the MD 100 is watertight for one hour at a depth of 0.1 m (0.1 ft).
    And don't worry if you drop it in the water: the instrument floats.
  • Accurate and reproducible measurement results
    LEDs and interference filters are used in the optics of the MD 100/ MD 110 / MD 200.
    This ensures optimum results at all times.
  • User calibration
    Single-point calibration is possible.
    In addition, all variants of the MD 100 display the measurement results directly in ABS or % T.
  • Zero adjustment (OTZ)
    Don't waste time waiting for your instrument to zero after each test.
    Once set, the zero value will be valid for all tests on the same sample.
  • Automatic storage of measured values with optional data transfer
    The MD 100 automatically stores the last 16 measurements with time and date.
    These results can be transmitted to a table via the IRiM module.
  • Ergonomic design
    No matter whether you use the MD 100 in the laboratory or directly at the sampling site:
    its design allows easy handling at all times and absolute visibility of the display.
    In the laboratory, the rubber feet on the bottom of the instrument prevent accidental slipping.
  • Factory programming
    The MD-100 instruments are factory programmed with up to 14 precalibrated measurement methods.
    All you have to do when you receive your instrument is: select the test, prepare the sample and test!
  • Scroll Memory
    When the instrument is switched on, the method last selected before switching off the instrument will be automatically displayed. This allows quick access to favorite methods.

The kit contains a blank cuvette and 6 different measuring cuvettes for the verification of 6 different wavelengths. Thus, the standard verification kit allows all MD 100/MD 110/MD 200 lines of the photometer to be checked.

Lovibond photometer measurements

Warranty information

3 years manufacturer's warranty according to Royal Decree Law 7/2021 of 27 April.

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