Netafilter CTX-57 liquid descaler for sand filters

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CTX-57 Netafilter is a liquid descaling cleaner that removes the incrustations produced by water salts and dirt deposited inside the sand filters.



CTX-57 Liquid Descaler Cleaner Technical Data Sheet

CTX-57 Liquid Descaling Cleaner Safety Data Sheet

Swimming Pool Maintenance Manual CTX

CTX-57 Liquid Descaler for Sand Filters

Liquid product that does not give off fumes that bother the user.
Suitable for cleaning filters made of stainless steel or polyester.
Does not generate foam.
When dissolving lime scale, effervescence is produced.
Easy application and quick rinsing with running water.

Tips for use:

  • With the filter stopped and uncovered, purge through the bottom valve all the water inside the filter. Close the drain and introduce 2 liters of water + 2 liters of Netafilter through the mouth of the filter for each 10 kg of sand or flint approximately. The level of the added solution must cover the sand level, exceeding it by 20 to 30 cm above. Let the product react with the lime and dirt present in the filter. When the effervescence (bubbles) ceases, and after a prudent time (from 4 to 8 hours approx.), close the filter cover and place the selector valve in washing position.
  • The rinse water should be poured directly into the drain. Check that the pH of the waste water is equal to that of the inlet water during rinsing. At this point the filter cleaning is finished. After inspecting the filter, repeat the treatment if caked or cemented sand remains.

Doses of orientative character that can be modified according to the specific characteristics of each swimming pool, climatology, etc.

The recommendations for use are given for information purposes and may vary due to changes in the formulation or modifications by the manufacturer. It is necessary to follow the instructions contained in the label accompanying the product.

Available in containers of:

  • Code 08671 - 4 containers of 5 liters (20 liters in total, the liter costs 3,95 €).
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