Waterline descaler Netoline CTX-56

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CTX-56 Netoline is an acid detergent compound specially formulated to remove grease, dirt and limescale from the edges and walls of swimming pools and areas adjacent to them that require it, always with the CTX Professional guarantee.



Pool maintenance manual
Product data sheet
Product safety data sheet

Cleansing gel CTX-56 Netoline

Completely dissolves calcareous deposits and metallic oxide stains. It does not give off fumes or vapors that bother the user.

Easily applied by brush, roller or spray bottle on vertical surfaces, which increases the performance of the product compared to commonly used liquid cleaners.
Due to its consistency, it adheres to the walls, avoiding splashes to the users.

Dosage and mode of use

Apply undiluted product on a cloth, sponge or directly with a spray bottle, rubbing the areas to be cleaned.

In cases of stubborn dirt on surfaces close to the water level, it is advisable to lower this level to achieve greater effectiveness of the product.

The indicative consumption of the product is about 15 lts. per 100 m3 of pool volume, depending on the degree of existing dirt.

The recommendations for use are given for information purposes and may vary due to changes in the formulation or modifications by the manufacturer. It is necessary to follow the instructions contained in the label that accompanies the product.

Available in containers of:

  • Code 38811-4 - Pack 4 containers of 5 liters (20 liters in total, the liter costs 4.95 €).
  • Code 38811 - Pack of 5 liters (the liter costs 5,38 €).
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