Holl's Multiwave Infrared Sauna Corner 3-4 persons

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The Multiwave corner infrared sauna for 3-4 persons has a red cedar cabin with its characteristic aroma, it brings numerous advantages thanks to its double Full Spectrum quartz and magnesium technology that offers two types of infrared rays to act gently on the epidermis or to regenerate in depth the inner layers of the skin.


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Installation Service

Installation service conditions


Holl's Multiwave Infrared Sauna Installation Manual

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Holl's Multiwave infrared sauna 3 - 4 persons

The Holl's Multiwave 3C is a high performance sauna cabin that integrates the latest technology in infrared saunas. It is delivered in a complete and easy to assemble kit with everything needed for a quick and easy installation.

With capacity for 3-4 people seated, it stands out for its original angular design for corner mounting and for its complete equipment.
New Dual Healthy technology. The Multiwave corner booth is equipped with Full Spectrum infrared transmitters made of quartz and magnesium. Full Spectrum transmitters provide a uniform emission of full-spectrum infrared rays.

With the Dual Healthy panels it is possible to select the most suitable type of infrared rays depending on whether we want to act gently on the epidermis (relaxation, perspiration and elimination of toxins) or regenerate the inner layers of the skin in depth (muscle and joint relief).

The Multiwave 3C sauna stands out for its Canadian red cedar exterior and its abachi benches and headrests. Red cedar is a hardwood species with antiseptic and expectorant effects that offers excellent strength and durability. Its warm reddish tones and soothing aroma make it the ideal choice for the sauna.

With base dimensions of 140 x 140 cm and a height of 190 cm, the Multiwave 3C sauna is perfect to accommodate the whole family (up to 4 people).

The sauna cabin features digital control panel, chromotherapy LED and MP3 / USB / SD sound system with Bluetooth connection and integrated speakers.
The door is made of 6 mm thick reinforced glass to ensure insulation, comfort and safety.


  • High-end corner infrared sauna with capacity for 3-4 people in an easy-to-assemble kit.
  • Canadian red cedar exterior with abachi bench and headrest.
  • 8 new generation infrared emitters with Dual Healthy technology (Full Spectrum quartz / magnesium).
  • With digital control panel, chromotherapy LED and integrated MP3 / USB / SD audio system with Bluetooth connection and 2 speakers.
  • Overall dimensions: 140x140x190 cm
  • Heating power: 2550 W
  • 10 years warranty on wood (2 years on electronic components).

Dual Healthy infrared emitters

Dual Healthy infrared emitters

Equipped with Full Spectrum + magnesium quartz panels: switch from one technology to another to enjoy the benefits of each.

Digital control panel

Digital control panel

Program the duration of your sauna session and the desired temperature on the control panel located inside the cabin.

Sound system

Sound system

Relax completely by listening to your favorite music through the USB output, SD card or Bluetooth connection (to connect your cell phone or tablet).



Combat stress with the benefits of chromotherapy, adjustable according to the desired effect: stimulating or calming.

Easy assembly without tools

Multiwave saunas are delivered in prefabricated panels with a quick anchoring system. They can be assembled in approximately 20 minutes, with only 2 people required to assemble the sauna. Detailed installation instructions are included with the sauna.

How an infrared sauna works

The infrared sauna heats your skin directly and does not emit steam or heat the cabin to extreme temperatures. It allows you to breathe normally and without ever feeling uncomfortably hot.

The Multiwave 3C sauna has 8 infrared emitters positioned for total body coverage of all users in the cabin. The vertical infrared emitters feature the innovative Dual Healthy technology of quartz and magnesium (the panels on the floor are made of carbon).

Take care of your health

Install this sauna in your home and start enjoying its absolute comfort and performance with your family. In addition to relaxation and well-being, the sauna provides multiple health benefits: elimination of toxins, relief of muscle and joint pain, stimulation of the immune system, etc.

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 Multiwave sauna 2 seatsMultiwave sauna 3 seatsSauna multiwave 3-4 seats
  multiwave 2 seats multiwave 3 seater multiwave 3-4 seats
Reference HL-MW02-K HL-MW03-K HL-MW03C-K
Capacity 2 persons 3 persons 3 to 4 persons
Power 2150 W 2500 W 2550 W
Power supply 230 V (single phase)
Emitters 6 7 8
Emitter Type Infrared Infrared Dual Healthy quartz and magnesium vertical Carbon floor panels
Structure Canadian red cedar exterior
Interior Bench and headrest in abachi
Door Reinforced glass of 6 mm thickness
Handle Wood
Height 190 cm (minimum height required for installation: 202 cm)
Width 130 cm 150 cm 140 cm
Depth 100 cm 120 cm 140 cm
Seat depth 50 cm
Warranty Electronic components: 2 years
Wood: 10 years
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