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AstralPool Descaler Extra is a powerful pool tank cleaner. This extra strong (acidic) detergent cleaner has been specially developed for spring cleaning of the pool pool tank.



AstralPool Descaler extra technical sheet 
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AstralPool pH Minor solid for salt electrolysis

AstralPool Descaler extra is a powerful pool tank cleaner. This extra strong (acidic) detergent cleaner has been specially developed for spring cleaning of the pool basin. It easily removes lime scale, organic residues and mineral sediments that have formed on the bottom and walls of the pool over time.

Intended for cleaning the pool basin of the following materials: cement, tiles, paint, glass, tiles, stoneware, plastic. In the case of a liner pool, it is recommended to use the Cleaner

Special for polyester and fiber pools.


  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Color: Yellow
  • pH at 20°C: 0
  • Density: 1,140 g/cc
  • Composition: Hydrochloric acid

Dosage and method of use

General cleaning of the empty pool: Preferably in the morning or in the evening, avoiding very hot hours, apply Desincrustante Extra, undiluted, on the surfaces to be cleaned, spreading the product well on walls and bottom. Leave the product to soak for about 1/2 hour and then rinse with plenty of water. If the incrustation persists, the operation should be repeated again.

In the parts where the incrustation is very intense, it is convenient to help the action of the product rubbing with a brush. Apply the Desincrustante Extra by means of a sprayer that does not form fog, or watering can.

Product consumption is approximately 20 l per 100 m3 of pool volume.

Filter cleaning: This treatment is only valid for filters whose filter load is flint or sand.

  1. Empty completely the water inside the filter.
  2. Open the top of the filter and pour CTX-51 inside, making sure that the product covers the filter load as much as possible.
  3. Leave the product to react for approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Close the filter and then perform an intense washing.

The instructions for use are given for information only and may vary due to changes in the formulation or modifications made by the manufacturer. It is necessary to follow the instructions contained in the label accompanying the product.

Available in packs of:

  • 11391 - 4 containers of 5 liters (20 liters in total, the liter costs 2,45 €).
  • 11392 - 25 liters container (the liter costs 2,36 €)
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